Garduino – An Automated Gardening Device

“Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)”


To design a low cost Gardening Device that allows sustainable gardening and preparing a well-manicured lawn by using a fully automated solar powered Robotic Vehicle with features like trimming grass, collecting trims for compost pit, sensing moisture of the soil and activating the water sprinklers.
In the present scenario we use a manually handled or motor powered engine-based device using fuel or electricity for trimming the grass that create noise and air pollution. It also requires a periodic maintenance such as changing the engine oil etc..
In this project I propose an innovative design that allows sustainable approach to gardening. The Proposed Garduino will be a fully automated grass trimming robotic vehicle powered by solar energy that will avoid obstacles and will be capable of cutting grass without any human interaction. The vehicle will also collect the grass trims and dry leaves and put it into the compost pit and the manure can then be obtained periodically from the pit. Another important feature will include a moisture sensor that will sense the soil conditions to alert the user when it is time to water a plant/garden, or turn on a water pump. Project also aims to develop an integral self-watering system that is ideal for people frequently on vacation. Plants can draw up moisture, as and when they need it!
This device will allow the user to manicure the garden like cutting the grass with minimal effort. It will derive the energy from Solar Panel connected to the Device. It will eliminate the emissions of an internal combustion mower that is mostly responsible for environmental pollution that cause the green gases effect.

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